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Connecting decades of experience with a new, smarter approach to port and terminal equipment optimization, Trelleborg Marine Systems helps ports and terminals deploy smart, engineered solutions for port approach, berthing, docking and mooring. This enables better informed real-time and strategic decision making, both onshore and on board the vessel.

From port owners and operators to consulting engineers, Trelleborg works with customers to determine best fit solutions for specific applications, and supply a fully integrated solution. End-to-end service and a proven portfolio of Marine Fenders, Ship-Shore Links, Ship Performance Monitoring Systems, Docking and Mooring solutions and Navigation and Piloting solutions meet and exceed customer needs, enhancing safety and improving efficiency in all marine environments, from conception to completion and beyond.

Trelleborg’s innovative SmartPort offering deploys the latest in marine technology applications to help ports and terminals optimize their operations. It’s a technology platform that connects port operations, allowing users to analyze asset performance and apply data insights, to improve day-to-day decision making and long-term operational efficiencies.

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